• Pastes

    Zanni Food Pastes

    From our 100% pure organic Sicilian pistachios grown in Bronte, Italy, to our dark roast hazelnut, our flavors are subtle and sublime. A great source of protein as well as Vitamin E, Calcium, and Potassium.

  • Spreads
    Zanni Food Spreads - Baci D'Amore, Pistuccia, Pestuccio

    Spreadable creams that are absolutely yummy on a crust of bread or crackers and a versatile ready-to-use secret ingredient for so many Italian dishes!

  • Gelato Di Babbo gelato di babbo

    Gelato di Babbo™, one of the largest manufacturers of handmade artisan gelati and sorbetti in Pennsylvania, known for its intense, pure flavors, especially pistachio. GDB is the lowest fat gelato on the market.